GenerousTickets allows us to help millions of Nonprofits and their great causes.

What is GenerousTickets?

GenerousTickets is a ticket selling platform custom designed for the unique needs of Nonprofit groups. We offer branded event pages and tickets, automatic tax receipt generation and management of event funds. All with no fees to the Nonprofits. We even share half of our net proceeds from each event with your Nonprofit!

Who is GenerousTickets?

We are a team that believes in the great work all Nonprofits do. At GenerousTickets we are passionate about helping Nonprofits further your missions by reducing human and financial resources spent on administrative tasks. This allows for more time and energy to go towards your core mission.

Why GenerousTickets?

Derek Rogers founded GenerousTickets as his way to help all Nonprofits further their missions. The Nonprofits he met were doing amazing work and, while he wanted to help, he didn’t have enough time or money to help them all. Then during his volunteer work with a major international charity organization, Derek saw an opportunity to create a better way for Nonprofits to sell event tickets and GenerousTickets was born.

Derek Rogers - CEO / Founder of GenerousTickets

Derek Rogers

Founder / CEO

Start selling tickets for your next event.